Recent increase in "suspended" submissions

Greetings everyone,

  I am hosting my own Web-CAT site, and on this week's assignment I've gotten 7 reports from students whose submissions are suspended. This is far more than usual, as even one suspended submission on a given assignment is quite rare. This particular set of JUnit tests uses reflection to check delcarations of variables, methods, etc., and I instruct students to use this set of tests first before attenpting any operational testing. This practice reduces compilation errors that are confusing to them. This is a "re-offered" assignment.

  Although the status reports these suspended submissions, I can't seem to locate them within Web-CAT, and therefore can't identify what could be causing this the problem. They don't appear on the "View Submissions" page. There are other students who have successfully submitted, so the errors are somewhere in student code. What is the best way to identify and correct these suspended submissions?