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Lawan Thamshuhang

Plagiarism Detection tool in Web-CAT for Java

Dear all,

As part of my masters thesis, i am integrating a  Plagiarism detection tool plaggie with Web-CAT. Plaggie is an open source plagiarism detection tool for Java. 

Unlike MOSS and JPlag the detection is done locally and thus offers privacy. I added the functionaltiy on top of  the latest SVN relese of Web-CAT

So far the results look good. If anyone is interested in adding this to your Web-CAT instance please let me know.


Lawan Subba

Alberto Lopes


Dear Lawan,

I am interested in using your plugin. 

Have you already published it?


Alberto Lopes

Stephen Edwards

Any experience with Anti-Plagiarism?

BTW, do you have any experience with Anti-Plagiarism, the tool you linked to?  If so, I'd like to hear about it.  I've never used it or seen it before, but the site looks interesting ...

Stephen Edwards

Thanks for your comment.  We

Thanks for your comment.  We are currently providing a MOSS plug-in on our server here at VT that allows instructors to submit student work to MOSS for plagiarism analysis.  I just haven't published it for use on other servers yet, since we wanted a little experience with it here first.  I think it is working well enough to publish.  We've also considered creating something similar for JPlag (another code plagiarism detection service).  I haven't checked out the one you mentioned.  Do you think a MOSS plug-in would work for what you need?

Alberto Lopes

Dear Stephen, Do you have any

Dear Stephen,

Do you have any plans to release your MOSS plugin for download?


Jeremy W

We've also considered