Modifying Access Levels / "Teaching" list

Greetings everyone,

  We have been using Web-CAT for several years, and we now have two instructors who are well versed in managing their respective courses. I installed the system, and thus became the system administrator with an access level of 100. The next instructor was assigned an access level of 50, and each of his TAs has an access level of 40. Here are my questions:

1) Can I modify Instructor #2's access level to 100, thus giving him equivalent admin priviledges to myself?

2) It is unnecessary for me to see Instructor #2's courses on my Home screen, yet I am added as an instructor to his classes be default. Are there any adverse effects to editing the Teaching attribute values for my record in the User table such that I see only the courses for which I am the actual instrcutor?






Stephen Edwards

Yes, you can elevate their permissions

For question (1): login using your account, which has administrator access.  Click the "admin" role (from the role list at the top center of the screen) to access the admin features (you can use the same links to switch back to the regular "staff"/instructor menu later as well). Then choose "Edit Database" from the menu.  This is the main, low-level, "do anything", administrator access point.  Search for the user account for instructor #2 and edit it.  Change the access level to 100 and save, and you will have granted administrator access to instructor #2.

For question (2): you'll see the course offerings you are teaching (or enrolled in) in the current semester on your own home screen.  If you are the person who is creating the course offerings, you're automatically listed as a teacher (and can add more).  Normally, if you go to the course's properties, you can add and remove other teachers, but you can't remove yourself.  This is for safety reasons, to prevent courses from becoming orphaned (no teachers).  However, you can ask the other instructor to remove you, and then you won't see it listed on your home page anymore.  There are no adverse affects to this.  I would not recommend using an external tool to directly remove attributes from the database, but you can use the "Edit Database" feature described above to remove yourself.  You can look up your own user record and edit it.  On the edit screen for your user account, look for the box labeled "Teaching" which lists everyone (from all semesters) you have a teaching relationship with.  Click the "Edit" button next to the box and remove the course offerings you want, and save.  Normal users cannot do this (they have to have another teacher remove them), but an administrator can.

Afterwards, you probably want to encourage other instructors to create their own course offerings, since doing this does not require admin access.  Any instructor can use the Courses->New menu command to add a new course offering, and can even add a new semester, or a new course number, when they are creating a new course offering.  They'll automatically be enrolled in the course offerings they create, and you won't have to remove yourself later (or manually add them to something you create).

Hope that helps!



As always, Stephen, thank you for your continued support.