Grading in the presence of compilation errors in student code


I am trying to let webcat give score to student even if he has compiler errors that prevent some test methods in a testcase from running.

JUnit on eclipse runs all test methods in a testcase even if some of them contain compilation errors and gives unique 0/1 scoring for each testmethod.

How to achieve this with webcat?

Why do I need this? I am using webcat for Java 101 course. There are two cases where I need this:

1- When I give my students a HW with 5 problems, I put all tests into one file since this is one assignment. Now if a student solve problem one only, he can not submit since he will get zero due to compilatin failure of other test methods.

2- I use webcat for a continious examination in the lab (a number of small closed book lab exams during lab time). During a lab exam, a student may miss spell a name of a method in a class (a setter method for example) in his answer. This will result in a compilation error in the test method (that I wrote) targeting the miss spelled method that the student wrote. Consequently, student will gett 0 although all other methods are correct (since my student are not native english speakers they always have problems with spelling) and get disappointed. The scoring here is somewhat harsh for beginner students in presence of compilation errors (at least for the level of my students).