C++ Linter -- Check submissions using Google's cpplint.py

I've been putting together a plugin to perform some basic style checking using google's cpplint.py--I'm working on this as a work-study project and encourage anyone interested to give it a try and see what you think!




Hao Zhen Lei

link is broken

Hello, the link is broken.  Can you update the link?



Project Status

Is this project in active development? Tools needed to compile all seem to be disappearing...

Stephen Edwards

Yes, the project is still

Yes, the project is still actively developed.  We just haven't officially published any updates recently.  I'm about to publish several this month (all have been thoroughly tested, but we didn't have time to publish the updates).

Sorry to be away from the forums for a while--this academic year has been pretty rough, with many other forces competing for attention (ouch!).  However, we're still here, and Web-CAT is still going strong at its main site (and at about 80 other server sites, covering about 120+ schools).