LTI Configuration Instructions

Web-CAT now supports LTI integration with learning management systems (LMS) to allow for single-sign-on support from an LMS, and automatic grade passback to the LMS gradebook.

Add Web-CAT to an LMS Course

To use Web-CAT in an LTI-compatible Learning Management System (LMS), you will need to install Web-CAT as an external LTI application. Depending on the LMS, this may be done system-wide, or at the level of individual courses. For system-wide installation, talk to your LMS administrator. For individual courses, follow the steps below.


Hi everyone,

My team wants to use WebCat, but we would like to build a custom authentication system. The current custom authenticator plugin framework doesn't work for us because we don’t want to touch student usernames and passwords. Are there any good guides on building from source so that we can modify the login process, or is there an alternative?

Thank you!

Grade of 0.0 for any assignment



I'm a research assistant at my university, and in our project we want to use an automated grading tool to help tutors grade students' programming assignments.


What is the plan of Web-CAT development?

At the beginning, I would like to say that you did a great job in creating Web-CAT. That kind of systems are so much helpful for teachers and students.

Since a few years, I also teach students of programming languages (and programming itself) at Poznan University of Technology in Poland. Last year, I decided to develop and deploy an automated grading system and with students I started the project from the beginning (now we are using quite simple system), however developing another similar system is not the best idea. Therefore, I would like to get involved in Web-CAT project.


An open-source tool for automatically grading programming assignments.

Web-CAT is an advanced automated grading system that can grade students on how well they test their own code. It is free, open-source software. It is highly customizable and extensible, and supports virtually any model of program grading, assessment, and feedback generation. Web-CAT is implemented a web application with a plug-in-style architecture so that it also can serve as a platform for providing additional student support services to help students learn programming or software testing. Some of its key features:

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