The CxxTest package for Visual Studio.NET provides Visual Studio users who are developing C++ code with a graphical user interface for CxxTest.

CxxTest is a unit-testing framework for C++ development that behaves similarly to unit-testing frameworks for other languages, such as JUnit. This package provides integration with Visual Studio.NET. Some key features are:

  • Automatically detects test suites in a project by navigating the project's C++ source tree and code model
  • Generates a source file to run all test suites that will be compiled with the containing project
  • Select/deselect which test cases will be executed without altering their code
  • Test results appear in a dockable CxxTest tool window in the IDE

Download the CxxTest Package

This package can be downloaded here from our SourceForgeProject.

This download is a Windows MSI installer that you can execute to install the CxxTest package on your system. It can be removed later through the Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows.

You can visit our SourceForgeProject for CVS access to the latest package source, or to report a bug or request a new feature.

This package requires Visual Studio.NET 2005 or higher.

CxxTest Package Documentation

Currently the documentation for this package is offered in the form of the VisualStudioPackages/CxxTestTutorial.

You may also wish to read the CxxTest User's Guide available from the CxxTest home page.